Westboro Baptist Church: Car Drives Through Protesters at CrossroadsKC in Kansas City

A car reportedly drove through Westboro Baptist Church protesters at the CrossroadsKC concert in Kansas City on Monday.

The Kansas City Star reported that the car drove onto the sidewalk and into the protesters.

Of the 12 protesters there, none were injured. The driver of the car was not arrested and eluded police.

Members of the church were at the concert to protest.

AP Kansas City update: Racing cycles and cars block interstate traffic 

PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri State Highway Patrol says more than 40 motorcycles and racing cars held up traffic while performing stunts on Interstate 435 in northwest Missouri.

The patrol says the racers buzzed other drivers and caused a traffic jam on Interstate 435 in Platte County Sunday evening. They blocked three lanes of highway traffic while recording each other performing stunts.

The Kansas City Star reports (http://bit.ly/Uk5ZB1 ) the riders were weaving through traffic, racing and performing motorcycle stunts.

Patrol spokesman Collin Stosberg says if the racers are caught, they could face charges of impeding traffic and careless driving.