‘We’re Not Going to Socialism’: Army Veteran Arrested for 3rd Time While Protesting NYC Mandate

By Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter focusing on the NYC area.
December 20, 2021 Updated: December 23, 2021

BROOKLYN, New York—An outspoken and spirited U.S. Army veteran was arrested for the third time in a week while protesting against the city’s vaccine passport mandate, this time at the Panera Bread in Gateway Center mall in Brooklyn.

On Aug. 17, New York City started requiring restaurants, gyms, and many other businesses to check guests and workers for proof of COVID-19 vaccination, as well as photo ID.

Mitchell Bosch, 42, who previously served in Iraq twice and once in Afghanistan, went into the shop on the afternoon of Dec. 19 holding an American flag, after having ordered food online. He was joined by about eight other people who supported his cause, including gubernatorial candidate Derrick Gibson.

He held a copy of the Constitution and said “this is my vaccine passport!” when the Panera employees asked him for proof of vaccination.

Police were then summoned by the manager.

Police told Bosch that he was trespassing and needed to leave.

“Back down, join my ranks,” Bosch told the police officer. “You are a communist, we’re going to take you out.”

“Non-violently,” Bosch added, upon the officer’s questioning of his last statement.

After an intense argument with two officers for about five minutes, another six officers arrived and Bosch was arrested.

After his release about 3 hours later, he went back to Gateway Center and entered Smash Burger.

Police came again, and this time they argued outside. Bosch later left without being arrested.

“This is a capitalistic country, plain and simple. We’re not going to socialism. If we do, then I’m here to die for this country,” he said.

“Police received a 911 call for a disorderly group at the location refusing to leave the location,” an NYPD spokesperson told The Epoch Times. “Officers responded to the location and made multiple requests for the individual to leave. After refusing to leave and being advised that he was trespassing the male was taken into custody without further incident. A summons was issued.”

The Epoch Times reached out to the mayor’s office for comment.

Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter focusing on the NYC area.