Weather and Climate Change

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
October 27, 2021 Updated: October 27, 2021

I am an 81-year, 11-month-old man, and when in high school in 1953, I was what would be called a “Nerd” today. My 9th-grade physics teacher was Mr. Elmer Ditch, a teacher who greatly affected my life. The most important thing Mr. Ditch taught me was, “It is not important to know everything. It is extremely important to know how to look up and research everything.” Another was to absolutely understand that for every action, there is a reaction. At the time, I was greatly interested in weather and maintained a small weather station at my home.

Mr. Ditch taught me a few simple and immutable facts about our weather and climate. 1.  “Today’s sunlight is tonight’s wind and tonight’s wind is tomorrow’s weather.” 2. “Tomorrow’s lower winds are the ball bearings of the upper winds.” 3. “The upper winds create the world’s weather, which becomes our climate.” As an example, he taught about the “Chicago effect.” It was discovered in the 1930s that when the buildings in Chicago began to reach a certain height, the wind was diverted around them and they changed the weather and climate downwind from Chicago for 50 miles.

I do not know, but it appears the truth is no longer taught to anyone, and most people have no realization of what occurs when they become “Green” and believe energy obtained from solar panels and power windmills is free! Every solar panel, no matter how small or large, absorbs the sunlight that was used to heat the physical terrain beneath them. By not heating that terrain, as the sun sets, there is no longer the natural convection that took place before, when the heated terrain cools as the heat rises and pulls in cooler over the terrain. This results in the sacrifice of the natural creation of the winds that carry forward the next day’s weather. Thus, downwind from even the smallest solar device, nature is changed as the air movement diminishes. Even worse, are the “free power windmills,” which steal the wind energy that is left after the solar panels have already reduced the wind downwind of its position. Each power windmill not only steals from nature’s surface wind, but the wind, just as water does, seeks the path of least resistance and changes its course, even further causing the “Chicago effect.”

These effects are simply the “Laws of Nature” and as the surface winds flow, they force the upper winds to divert from the historic flows into new patterns. These new patterns mean rain moves, drought arrives, plants, as nature created, are forced to change, and yes, people who appear to think the human race can obtain some special place by stealing nature’s energy while expecting no reaction to what they have done. The truth is the humans on earth seeking “something for nothing” are the same people screaming about weather and “climate change.” If the humans on earth want to preserve the weather and climate, the first thing they should do is disconnect almost all solar panels and remove nearly all the power windmills interfering with natural winds and allow “Mother Nature” to begin to recover from what the “Greens” and “something for nothing people” has done to destroy “Mother Nature’s” natural state of climate.

Normally, climate change does occur slowly as time passes on. Mother Nature has supplied the human race with fuels that do not hurt her as much. And even those fuels, such as coal, manufactured gas, and “natural” gas, can be used in ways that will help Mother Nature maintain her weather and climate. And yes, the proper use of nuclear power is as close to something for nothing that we have at this time, but she demands we take care to use it properly and dispose of the waste properly. And yes, the human race can exist well into the future by following her laws and not those who profit from “Green,” knowing they are the root cause of the current, rapid weather and climate change. Yes, weather and climate change can be somewhat returned to where we were; however, it will take education of the masses who believe those who spout, “Electric everything, all for free, from solar panels and power windmills.” And, if they do not, Mother Nature will punish all of humanity.

For those who do not believe the above, learn from Mr. Ditch: Look it up and research it. Then you, too, will quickly understand that her laws stand and there is no “something for nothing.”


Willis “Sam” Cole, Jr.