Ways to Stay Toned During The Holidays

November 27, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The holidays can be incredibly bad for your health when it comes to weight gain and eating correctly. Traveling in itself puts stress on your body and the options of what to eat in the airport are limited to mostly greasy and unhealthy snacks.

Get a Group to Exercise With

It is very easy to stay inside and watch TV after a giant meal you eat during the holidays. The cold weather sometimes does not lend itself to going outside for a run. Getting a group together helps in a variety of ways though as you can exercise while having fun. An afternoon or two of pickup sports can make a world of difference when it comes to your body, getting your metabolism going during days that you would just spend eating and sitting is a great improvement. Most families have a health nut or two so getting those people involved will help your cause. Trying a class or two at the gym near where you are visiting is a great way to find something that you might enjoy without the possibility of embarrassment around people who you will see again.

Alcohol Consumption

Some families do not drink during the holidays so if you are reading this and it applies to you then you can skip this paragraph! For those who have a family that enjoy a couple of drinks during the holidays, this is for you. Alcohol can put on weight very quickly and leave you lethargic the next day as well. Unlike many health advisors, I will tell you to drink as much as you would like but to moderate your food intake while you have been drinking. Moderation is always the key when trying to keep your body in shape. Making sure to mix your alcohol with non-sugary drinks or diet drinks is the best option to keep the pounds from piling on.


There are a lot of supplements that you can take that will help you keep your body over the holidays. If you are trying to maintain muscle mass then a protein supplement would be great to bring on your trip. If you need a weight loss supplement then garcinia cambogia is a great natural way to do that. If you need weight gainer if you are trying to bulk then eating as much as possible combined with a weight gainer will work like a charm in attaining the body you want. There is a supplement for everything and making sure that it aligns with your goals is also important. A quick search online generally can tell you what ingredients you will need to achieve the body that you want.

Having the body that you want during the holidays is more than possible, making sure that you have your end goal in mind is important. Write down your goals and use these tips to keep you in shape and keep you from setting yourself back months in just a week or two. Do you have any tips that work for you? Comment below!