Wave of CCP Renunciations Flows From Dongzhou Massacre

By Tian Ning, Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party
December 27, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: December 27, 2005 12:00 am

<i<The Epoch Times was the among the first media sources to disclose the true facts about the bloody suppression of Shanwei farmers on December 6, 2005. This incident has shocked the international community. The world has condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for gunning people down. So far the CCP has not punished any government officials for neglect of duties, but has been monitoring the farmers even more closely. All relevant information is being blocked.

The Chinese people will discover the truth no matter how many blockades are put in place. Since this incident, many statements renouncing the CCP have been received by the Global Service Center of Quitting Chinese Communist Party from people near Dongzhou Town and other areas in China. They all state things along the lines of, “This evil party doesn't even care about people's lives; it certainly will disintegrate very soon.”

Farmers at Dongzhou Town said that they were extremely terrified, not knowing when the killing would stop or when justice would be upheld. They have lost hope for help and justice from the CCP. They now look to the outside world for support. One farmer stated, “The time of the CCP collapse is coming very soon. A party that has conducted such ruthless killings has a bloody debt to pay back in blood. My whole family is renouncing the CCP, so that we won't be involved in settling the accounts of the CCP. God please let this evil regime disintegrate sooner [rather than later]. Please help us.”

Some farmers said, “We are very angry and sad. We don't know when justice will return. We have decided to draw a clear line separating us completely from the CCP. Only when the CCP disintegrates, will people be able to live good lives.”

A student of a Police Academy told the Global Service Center that several of his classmates were deeply saddened when they learned of the bloody suppression at Shanwei by phone. They could not believe the government of Shanwei could be so ruthless: One farmer had already knelt down to plead for forgiveness, but the police still fired another two shots to end his life. How could this be? The police, under the communist regime, have even gone as far as to become assassins.

The student went on to say that all the students in his dorm room are resigning from the CCP. They all hope this regime will collapse, before they graduate. They don't want to be accomplices to this evil Party's actions. They believe the Party will certainly disintegrate very soon.

A security guard in Guangdong Province was stunned by the news of the farmers being killed. He said he could not believe that the Tianmen massacre had been replayed. He told the Global Service Center, “The CCP must die. This is the phenomenon that occurs when a dynasty is falling. We twelve brothers renounce the CCP together. God, please open your eyes and save China.”

A college student at Harbin City said, upon hearing about the bloody suppression, “All the students in my dorm room are renouncing the CCP. The CCP lied, informing people there was no problem with the Songhua River, as a result, who knows how many people have been drinking toxic water. The media has not been allowed to report the facts. We didn't know the true facts until we managed to break through the Internet blockade. Now, the CCP has killed people and is still openly covering up the facts. We really cannot stand by. I hope all Chinese people act quickly to draw a line separating themselves from the CCP and the CCP dictatorship end in China soon.”

At present, the number of people that has renounced the CCP and related organizations has topped 6.6 million.

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