Water Leak Leads to Incredible Icicle Formation on Chicago High-Rise

January 8, 2018 Updated: January 8, 2018

An icicle formation running down a Chicago high-rise amazed passersby, and worried officials.

Due to the cold weather, the pipes broke on the top floor of a high-rise, causing water to leak down the outer wall and fire escape from one of the top floors. The street was closed over the weekend as city officials worked on a plan to safely remove the ice, WGN9 reported.

The city was in fear that the icicles would melt in the warmer weather and hit pedestrians or cars. That fear is no longer an issue, as the icicles were chipped and removed this morning, Jan. 8, ABC7 reported. Officials had planned to have it removed by Monday morning, so as to not affect rush hour traffic.

City emergency management officials said workers used a calcium-chloride compound to melt the ice, according to ABC7.


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