Watch: Tiny Camper Is More Than It Seems

May 7, 2018 Updated: May 7, 2019

Update: The company that made the camper went out of business due to alleged mismanagement, and they’re no longer on sale.

At a first glance, this little camper looks like it might be good for an overnight trip.

After the woman pulls handle, it shows that the camper can expand to be much larger.

Even more surprising is that there’s a large bed with a flat-screen television inside.

According to the firm that made it, it has custom slide-out, designed to be towed behind a 4-cylinder car, a fuel-efficient design, easy to tow and move, fully insulated, and comes with a queen-size bed.

The ABC in Australia reported that Gidget, the manufacturer, “went into voluntary administration owing $3.5 million to investors and customers around the world” last year.

About 80 customers were left with about $1.5 million in unreturned deposits for the campers.

Even though Gidget went out of business, there are other firms that have picked up where the company left off.

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