Watch: Teenagers Freaking out at a ‘Prehistoric’ Windows 95 Computer

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
March 8, 2016 Updated: March 8, 2016

The cutting edge innovations of yesterday quickly become the fossilized relics of tomorrow. When Windows 95 came out, it introduced a number of new features for consumers and sold millions in weeks. 

To teenagers today, Windows 95 is an artifact from a bygone age. 

When presented with the two-decades old computer, one teenager thought that it was the first computer ever made, and other described it as “prehistoric.” 

For me though, this is like the first computer ever made.
— Morgan, 19 years old

“For me though, this is like the first computer ever made,” Morgan, 19, said after being informed that the first computers ever made were IBM mainframes that took up whole rooms. 

A whole new crop of kids have grown up taking things like WiFi for granted, having never had to use a modem their whole life. A number of teenagers in the reaction video expressed genuine surprise that Windows 95 didn’t have wireless internet, or that before Windows 95, there was no “start” button. 

“This is to long. Now you’re getting up to get your second snack at this point,” said one teenager as he was waiting for his dial-up to load. 

Everything was a surprise, from the plain design of the desktop background, to the fact that the computer was so large and bulky, and yet had less computing power than their smartphone. 

At the end, one teenager makes a half-hearted apology for being so young. 

“A lot of older people will watch this video and say ‘oh, look at these people who don’t know what Windows 95 is, they’re just too into technology nowadays and they’re too spoiled.’ Well I’m sorry, OK, it’s not my fault that I was born after this, you probably had this reaction about older [things] when this came out,” said Nota, 18 years old.