Watch: Lebron James Player Introduction, Chalk Toss, First Points

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times
October 30, 2014 Updated: October 31, 2014

Earlier this morning, Lebron suggested that today’s homecoming match versus the Knicks could be one of the biggest sporting events ever.

We’re not too sure about ‘ever’, but it certainly was a magical start to the evening in Cleveland.

The player introductions were expected to be hype in order to catch the emotions of Lebron’s return after a four year absence, and they certainly were, with red glow sticks lighting up the whole arena and an atmosphere rivaling that of the NBA Finals.

Then, you could almost feel the entire arena churning, awaiting to become witnesses to the scene that they thought they’d never see again: Lebron performing his trademark pregame ritual  the chalk toss, as a rightful member of the Cavaliers.

Yes, that’s confetti you’re seeing being thrown from the stands.

The Cavaliers were then able to carry the momentum into the start of the game. 

Kevin Love scored the Cavaliers’ first points — also his first points as a Cleveland Cavalier.

Love would then throw his first outlet pass as a Cavalier several minutes later. After a Shumpert miss, Love grabbed the rebound and immediately hurled the ball deep downcourt to none other than a dashing Lebron James. With just Carmelo Anthony between him and the basket, James then powered his way to an and1 finish  his first points of the night and of the new Cavaliers era.

Though certainly a memorable start to run 2.0 with the Cavaliers, the rest of the game was a different story.

Noticeably perturbed throughout the evening, Lebron was passive all game, finishing with 17 points on 5/15 shooting and a career high 8 turnovers.

Kyrie Irving led the Cavaliers with 22 points and 7 assists.

As the last leg of the Cavaliers’ newly minted big three, Kevin Love tallied 19 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 three pointers.

On the other end, rookie head coach Derek Fisher started the new Knicks era on a high note, with the Knicks taking the win in Cleveland 95-90.

Knicks resignee Carmelo Anthony finished with 25 points, including the game clinching shot in which he directly went 1-on-1 with Lebron James.