Watch ‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson Cuddle with Lions, Hyenas (+Video)

January 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Kevin Richardson, a South African zoologist wearing a tiny GoPro camera, is featured in first-hand video of him hugging lions and hyenas in Africa.

Richardson is the man behind Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary for a number of carnivores including big cats and hyenas–located in Pretoria, South Africa.

To make the video, Richardson wore a few GoPro cameras–particularly the Hero3+ Adventure Series.

Richardson is known as the “Lion Whisperer” and is a self-taught animal behaviorist. He’s written a few books on the subject and made some films as well.

Richardson has been accepted into several prides of lions and clans of spotted hyenas. He has slept next to, fed, and lived with lions–relying on his intuition instead of set rules to interact with the animals.

Here’s the video of him playing with lions and other predators: