Watch: Kittens Enjoy Snow for the First Time

January 27, 2016 Updated: January 27, 2016

Over the weekend, residents of the subtropical southern province of Guangzhou in China were privy to a rare treat—snow.

Like the bemused humans, a kitten was experiencing snow flakes for the first time, a scene captured on video and posted on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging website.


A netizen from Beijing wrote: “This kitten is definitely not from the north.”

Another netizen from Shandong wrote: “Our northern cats know too well the world’s wonders.”

Halfway around the world that same weekend, residents on the United States also knew too well the wonders of snow when a historic blizzard pummelled the east coast.

For celebrity YouTube cat Smokey, however, this was also its first time for snow.

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