Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Wants to ‘Burn Down’ the Republican Party

August 26, 2019 Updated: August 26, 2019

Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post blogger, attacked former Trump administration members during MSNBC’s AM Joy program on Sunday, saying that the Republican Party and those who support them should be figuratively “burned down” and there should be no survivors.

She made the controversial comments as the panel discussed former White House press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders moving on from their positions at the White House.

“These people are not fit for polite society. I think any institution, University of Virginia for example, for a bit had a relationship with Mark Short who is now back with the administration.

“I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that any institution of higher learning, any news organization, or any or entertainment organization that has a news outlet would hire these people.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid declared that “this is an extreme administration that is dangerous” and suggested that Hispanic Americans carry their birth certificates to avoid being “scooped up and stolen” by ICE.

To this Rubin then advocated humiliating those conservatives who side with the Trump presidency.  “What we should be doing is shunning these people shunning shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation.”

Rubin is a self-proclaimed conservative blogger who is critical of all things Trump and often shows her disdain when talking about the Republican Party.

In 2016, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted on the authenticity of Rubin’s conservatism. “Jen Rubin is WAPO’s excuse for conservative; her contempt for all things Trump exposes her and WAPO as Fake News.”

Rubin continued on with her extreme rhetoric, insisting that there be no trace left of the party allowed to regroup.

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party, we have to level them. Because if there are survivors if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again, they will take this as confirmation that hey it just pays to ride the waves look at me I made it through.”

As she continued making her comments it was hard to tell which party she is loyal to.

“This has become a dysfunctional anti-government party. That is not what the country wants and what it needs. And the proof is in the pudding. The reason they engage in voter suppression is because their underlying agenda is very unpopular. No one’s in favor, it turns out, of taking away people’s health care. People don’t like it when you come after Medicaid and Medicare.”

She continued: “My hope is that the Democrats don’t blow it. My hope is that the Democrats are able to pull together a coalition that’s large enough to govern, and that we can have some sane governance for a period of time.”

In October of 2018, The Hill reported that three dozen conservatives sent a letter addressed to the Post’s editorial board. The letter read: “However, we ask for the sake of intellectual honesty that the Post cease to identify her as in any way ‘conservative.'”  The letter goes on to assert that the Post’s labeling of Rubin as conservative is an example of why most people on the right distrust the media.