Was Russiagate Really About Iran?

By Brian Cates
Brian Cates
Brian Cates
Brian Cates is a former contributor. He is based in South Texas and the author of “Nobody Asked for My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”
June 5, 2020Updated: June 7, 2020


In recent months, more evidence has emerged that confirms the “Russiagate” scandal was a carefully coordinated hoax maintained by federal officials with the help of complicit news media. And that means the “Spygate” scandal was always the real story of the 2016 election.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that because Trump 2016 presidential campaign adviser Carter Page was never a Russian agent, they had to resort to fraud to get the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court to approve the warrant.

The FBI appears to have spent the entire spring and summer of 2016 failing to get Page or campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to say anything incriminating while undercover informants recorded their conversations, and so they were forced at last to resort to Christopher Steele’s fake dossier.

But this does bring up an interesting question.

Since there weren’t any real Russian agents anywhere in this entire sordid episode, what was driving the FBI’s activity?

Russian Collusion Narrative: A Fake Pretext?

Columnist Lee Smith at Tablet Magazine wrote a thought-provoking article that lays out a convincing case that the real reason the Obama partisans inside the federal agencies were so determined to go after Trump’s incoming national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was never about supposed ties to Russia. What they were really seeking to do was to protect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). That’s the official name for what has come to be commonly referred to as “the Iran deal.”

It’s no secret that both Trump and Flynn had very vocally promised to scrap the Iran deal if the Washington outsider won the election.

And it’s also no secret that Barack Obama and his administration considered the Iran deal the signature foreign policy achievement of his entire presidency.

What if the Russian collusion narrative was always just a fake pretext these politically partisan government officials were using to mask their real goal: spying on the Trump presidency to try to sabotage it while also protecting Obama’s precious Iran deal?

After all, the dirty cops at the DOJ and the FBI can’t just come out and tell the FISA court, “We’d like to spy on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump so that we can sabotage him in case he wins the election, including leaking and thwarting any actions he takes to scrap the Iran deal.”

And it’s telling that the very first person they plotted to take direct action against after Trump did indeed unexpectedly win the election was Flynn.

Why was it so important to Comey & Co. to remove Flynn from his post as national security adviser as quickly as possible?

Very likely because Flynn was the only person in the Trump inner circle with national security and intelligence experience—more than 30 years’ worth. He was a key Trump adviser on all things foreign policy and specifically Iran. By forcing Flynn’s removal, the political partisans at the FBI would derail any early plans to scrap the Iran deal, perhaps until Trump could be safely removed from office.

Direct documentary evidence recently unsealed in the Flynn false statement case lays to rest forever the idea that Spygate isn’t real.

It’s no longer a far-fetched conspiracy theory that federal officials conspired to spy on a political campaign for political reasons when these officials have been caught red-handed casually plotting among themselves to entrap and frame a respected retired three-star general.

If it turns out the real motive was to spy on the Trump campaign to protect the Iran deal, that would also mean Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has been correct in saying for more than three years that the real reason for this spying activity on Trump’s campaign, and then his presidency itself, was all unrelated to any legitimate intelligence or law enforcement issue. It was all politics and it always has been.

It would mean the vast surveillance powers of the federal government were deliberately used by corrupt government officials to attack and undermine their own political opponents.

It would only be the biggest scandal in American history.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!” He can be reached on Twitter @drawandstrike.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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