Warning Against Socialism, Entrepreneur Defends Free Market

By Kristian Kafozoff
Kristian Kafozoff
Kristian Kafozoff
April 24, 2019 Updated: April 24, 2019

The past election cycles including in the 2016 general election, the 2018 midterm elections, and the start of the 2020 campaign were all highlighted by an ever-increasing trend toward so-called “Democratic” socialism within the Democratic Party. Starting off with the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and following through with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) as well as most contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, the push farther left has become quite popular.

However, this trend has also caused many in the mainstream of American politics to voice their concerns with this societal flirtation with socialism. The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, is a philanthropist who champions the free market and warns against this alarming trend in a new video published on April 23. It was issued through the Job Creators Network, a nonpartisan organization he founded to be “the voice of Main Street” and promote economic freedom in the United States.

“I love America. I do. I love America because it’s the greatest country in the world” Marcus said proudly before warning that he would like to begin his message by stating something “politically incorrect.” Marcus goes on to say that: “I think there are two big reasons why this country is so great: the first is our Constitution, which guarantees a freedom of speech and expression. The second is our free market system. The free market system has been the biggest creator of wealth and prosperity the world has ever known, lifting billions of people out of poverty and far more superior than any government program could ever be. The free market is the tool that allows many to reach out and grab hold of the American dream.”

Bernie Marcus then goes on to the crux of the matter, expressing that, “It pains me to see people in this country glorifying socialism. Young people especially have been indoctrinated into believing that free enterprise is immoral because it enriches the greedy and depresses the poor.” He goes on say, “Even the word capitalism is not politically correct to use, but the reality is that the free market system has created the biggest middle-class population in the world and while some may say socialism is well-intentioned, the fact is it robs people of their independence, their dignity, and their finances, leading to government dependence, suppression of ideas, and lower standards of living for those under its thumb.”

“Free enterprise just doesn’t create an environment where individuals have the opportunity to prosper but makes charitable giving possible in the first place. It’s not a random occurrence that Americans are the most charitable people in the world. It’s a result of hard work, entrepreneurship, and yes, a free market system, because in order to give money you need to make money,” Marcus continued before concluding the 3-minute video with an introduction to his organization and its mission.

The Job Creators Network is “a group [he] founded to champion these free-market ideals. Efforts like these are more important now than ever as support behind socialism continues to swell in our urban areas and academia, and even in the halls of Congress. I encourage you to help us in this fight. Go to our website JobCreatorsNetwork.com and make your voices heard. Thank you.”

His organization has played an important role in exposing efforts by Ocasio-Cortez to sabotage Amazon’s plans to build its HQ2 and create new jobs in Queens, which happens to be her district. Furthermore, the Job Creators Network has called out the socialist principles behind the proposed “disastrous” $93 trillion dollar Green New Deal, by placing a number of comical billboards in Times Square, New York.

Kristian Kafozoff
Kristian Kafozoff