Wanjia Forced Labor Camp Examined Falun Gong Practitioner's Organ Conditions Four Times

By Liu Yuan, Epoch Times Staff
April 12, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: April 12, 2006 12:00 am

At the same time that the atrocities of forced labour camps in China harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' organs for profits and secretly cremating their bodies were exposed to the world, a lawsuit was filed in Argentina against Luo Gan, one of the key officials in the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Ms. Wang Yuzhi, a Falun Gong practitioner, attended the court trial to testify against Luo Gan. In the court, Ms. Wang stated that she almost went blind as a result of the torture she received at Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The police from the local “610 Office” took her to four different hospitals in Harbin to perform blood tests and to checkup on the condition of her internal organs. Her testimony caused quite a stir in the court.

Luo Gan was the mastermind of the “610 Office,” an agency formed specifically to persecute Falun Gong. Luo Gan passed and executed Jiang Zemin's secret orders to persecute Falun Gong, including “eradicating Falun Gong in three months,” “defaming Falun Gong practitioners' reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically,” “death of Falun Gong practitioners from beating is nothing and shall be counted as suicide,” and “their bodies shall be directly cremated without investigating their identification.”

Since the Chinese Communist regime began the persecution of Falun Gong, human organ transplant operations have become a soaring business in China. The Epoch Times had an interview with Ms. Wang Yuzhi, one of the witnesses in the lawsuit against Luo Gan in Argentina.

Reporter: You are one of the witnesses in the lawsuit against Luo Gan in Argentina. Are you giving any new details in your testimony in this lawsuit?

Ms. Wang: Jiang Zemin is the man that launched the persecution against Falun Gong, but Luo Gan is one of the culprits. I have filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin in a number of different countries because I have been illegally arrested and tortured in the forced labor camp.

In addition to the cruel tortures I have suffered in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, this time I gave new details about how the police from the “610 Office” took me to four different hospitals for blood tests and physical exams while I was nearly blind. They secretly checked the condition of my organs in the hospitals. After all four hospitals confirmed that all of my organs were damaged and “useless,” the “610 Office” suddenly lost its interest in me.

Lately the media has exposed the grisly atrocities of an extermination camp in Sujiatun, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, that harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners before eliminating their bodies in the on-site crematory. These reports made me tremble because it is a missing piece to the puzzle of that time I was taken to four different hospitals for blood tests and for a checkup on the condition of my internal organs. If my internal organs had not been determined as “useless,” I might not be standing here today testifying against Luo Gan.

Reporter: Could you tell us briefly about the tortures you were subjected to?

Ms. Wang: The Chinese communist regime had kidnapped me three times. The last time I was incarcerated in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Many fellow Falun Gong practitioners and I were subjected to brutal beatings, electric shock, being tied with ropes, being hung up in the air by handcuffs, being forced to sit on metal chairs naked, force-feeding, being forced to stand outside in the snow, being hung up in the air by a rope, and sleep deprivation. These tortures were beyond our limits. Finally, many fellow practitioners and I began a group hunger strike for over 100 days to protest the persecution, but the torture continued despite our protests.

Later in the courtroom, I told the judge and attorneys about the truth of an extermination camp in Sujiatun where living Falun Gong practitioners' organs were harvested for profit. At least 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners were imprisoned there as “stock” in this human organ farm at one point, but 4,000 of them have already been butchered for the harvests of their kidneys, corneas, hearts, lungs and livers for huge profit. Their bodies were exterminated at the camp's crematory oven. I told them that I must know some of them in that extermination camp because I often had nightmares about them. I am terribly sad.

I have to face a cruel fact: If my body had not been “useless” at the time, I would not be able to live to tell this story today. In the past few years I had forgotten many things that injured my mind and health during the illegal incarceration, but I have suddenly become very clearheaded since I started to prepare for the lawsuit against Luo Gan and started to remember a lot more of the details. They came up to my mind as very high-resolution pictures. One of the details I suddenly remembered was why I was able to escape the pain of death and why they wanted to check my internal organs secretly in four different hospitals.

Reporter: You have provided many details about a scheme to harvest your organs. How did you find out about their scheme?

Ms. Wang: When I became critically ill and blind, staff members from the local “610 Office” took me to four very famous hospitals in Harbin for a physical exam. The recent exposure of an extermination camp in Sujiatun triggered my memory and provided me with missing pieces of the puzzle. It was not until then that I realized why they wanted to take me to four different hospitals.

Reporter: Could you please tell us the process where they secretly had your body and organ conditions checked during your imprisonment in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp?

<b.Ms. Wang: It was between October 2001 and March 2002. (I cannot remember the exact day.) When I was at death's door, the head of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp's hospital, Ms. Song Zhaohui, bickered with the police from the “610 Office.” Song Zhaohui said, “It is too much trouble to torture Wang Yuzhi because we have to keep her alive to torture her. She has been on the hunger strike for several months. Her body cells, tissues and organisms are done for. She will die soon. All the rooms are packed. We don't have room for her. She is useless. Give her a prison term and send her off!” Instead, the police from the “610 Office” took me to four different famous hospitals in Harbin for physical exam, including Harbin Public Security Hospital, Heilongjiang No. 2 Hospital, Harbin No. 1 Medical College Hospital and Harbin No. 2 Medical College Hospital. Each time they drew my blood for a blood test. When I resisted giving a blood sample, I was subjected to beatings. Then the police ordered the doctors to give me an anesthesia injection.

On October 25 and 26, 2001, Harbin Public Security Hospital gave me the first general health exam. I also saw several other Falun Gong practitioners receiving health exams in the adjacent rooms. They were all young male practitioners. We were shocked to see each other here. All of us distributed truth-clarification materials in Harbin. We didn't know each other's name, but we recognized each other's faces. We were confused, not knowing what would happen to us next. The police quickly separated us. After I was released, I searched for them for years, but there has been no sign of them.

After a few days, I was taken to Heilongjiang No. 2 Hospital. It is a famous hospital known for its excellent medical experts. I heard them complaining, “Now going to hospitals has become my work!” Based on what they said, I remembered that, besides kidnapping Falun Gong practitioners, the police from “610 Office” sent a lot of Falun Gong practitioners to psychiatric hospitals between 2000 and 2002. They must have tried to examine their bodies in addition to resorting to psychiatric abuses as a means to make them renounce Falun Gong.

A female doctor at Heilongjiang No. 2 Hospital commented that the skin of my thigh was very fair and fine when she examined it. She asked if I had any skin allergy. She was checking me out and noticed that I was scratching my thighs. She said, “Does your skin feel itchy very often?” I replied, “My skin feels itchy because I was ordered to sleep next to a fellow Falun Gong practitioner suffering from severe scabies. Next she did a test on my wrist. Five minutes later, the area she tested on became red. She asked if I had allergy to any medicine, and I told her that I used to have allergic skin and I was allergic to western medicine before I practice Falun Gong. I had to rely on traditional Chinese herbs.

One day in March 2002, Wanjia Forced Labor Camp secretly transferred me to Harbin No. 2 Medical College Hospital. I remember asking the police from the “610 Office,” “Why are you spending so much time and energy on taking me to these hospitals for health exams after having subjected me to so much torture?” They replied, “We are treating your illness. We have to treat your illness because we cannot afford to let other people see you like this. Should your current physical condition be exposed, we [610 Office] would be done for. Once you recover your health, our mission will be accomplished.” The hospital drew my blood, but my blood was dark purple because I was on a thirst strike too.

They told me to urinate, but my bladder was empty. My heart was pumping so hard that I felt restless. After three hours of the ordeal, I tried to urinate in a urine basin in the room. I still didn't have any urine so they gave me a glucose drip. After about one hour of the glucose drip, they finally got my urine for a urine test. They found blood in my urine. A doctor asked me if I was on my period. I said no. Next they took me to OB/GYN. They gave me an ultrasound scan and said everything was fine. Next they asked if I had any nephritis (kidney inflammation) before I started to practice Falun Gong. I replied, “I had nephritis when I was little. Because of my kidney problem, I often wet my bed. After I got married, the problem improved. Since I started practicing Falun Gong, I have never had any problem with bladder control.”

Three policemen and two nurses carried me to the next exam room. They used X-rays to check my heart and lungs. They even gave me an X-ray scan from head to toe. I heard a doctor saying that the machine scanning my heart seemed to be broken because my heart was functioning at random. In one minute it was beating hard, but in the next minute it would stop beating. They pressed on my stomach and the location of my liver, and asked if it hurt. They also used a prop to poke at the bottom of my feet. They poked at my feet very hard and asked if my head hurt. They also flipped over my body to check my kidneys.

At every hospital the police asked the doctors to draw my blood for a blood test. One day I asked a doctor, “What on earth are you trying to find in my blood? I must know this because I will survive and tell the tale.” They told me my blood type is AB, which is hard to find. I wouldn't have known my blood type is AB. I was wondering, “Are they trying to give me a blood transfusion or are they trying to give my blood to someone?” Both of my guesses were far from correct because every hospital has a blood bank. At the time I had a hard time guessing what their purpose was.

Later two policemen called Heilongjiang Province's “610 Office” and asked what to do. They were told not to give me emergency resuscitation and send me to Harbin No. 1 Medical College Hospital for another round of checkups.

On the same day I was transferred from Harbin No. 2 Medical College Hospital to Harbin No. 1 Medical College Hospital. They checked my eyes, throat, trachea, five sense organs and brain. Brainwave sensors were taped to my wrists and the back of my head.

A computer monitor showed my brainwave diagram. I was locked in a hospital ward with one policewoman and three policemen watching me. There were a total of 11 SWAT police officers taking turns watching me. They told me, “It would cost USD$100,000 for each eyeball transplant if I should become blind. Your husband who runs the business has run off. No one cares what will happen to you.” I closed my eyes, refusing to acknowledge them. I thought they were talking nonsense to add insult to my nearly lost vision when they said it would cost $100,000 for each eye transplant.

I waited for the health exam results at Harbin No.1 College Hospital. The doctor finally announced, “There are problems with her cell tissue. Her pulse shows up at random. Her heart beats at random.” In short, my body was “useless.” In order to treat my illness, the hospital demanded about 50,000 yuan from my family. However, the “610 Office” suddenly lost interest in me when the doctor said I would be a useless “walking dead person” even if I recovered. Following May 1, each day one policeman would disappear from my room. One night the remaining policemen told me, “In your condition, it does not matter where we leave you. If you survive, go back and look for your family. If you are dead, you will be cremated.” Later they just abandoned me in the hospital. I was in disbelief that all the policemen left the hospital on May 8.

Reporter: In the four health exams, did any doctor try to resuscitate you when you were at death's door? Did the “610 Office” give you any medical treatment as they had promised when they found you were ill at the hospital?

Ms. Wang: In the four health exams, the “610 Office” did not give me any medical treatment like they said. They just ordered the hospitals to give me health exams to find out the condition of my organs. It was revealed in the first health exam that there were problems with my blood, my organs were not functioning normally and my corneas were ruined. I was about to become blind. My kidneys were failing. My liver was failing. My skin was contracting scabies. But the “610 Office” refused to give up. They sent me to two other hospitals to repeat the health exam. After the last three hospitals gave the same diagnosis that all of my organs were useless, the “610 Office” suddenly lost interest in me. It even withdrew most of the policemen. The remaining three policemen ran off too. That was why I was able to call a friend of mine without the help of a nurse. That was how I escaped.

Reporter: After you escaped from the hospital, did the “610 Office” try to locate you? Did they find out that you fled from China?

Ms. Wang: After I escaped from the hospital, the “610 Office” didn't look for me. But I heard there were men watching my home, and my home phone was tapped. They probably thought I was dying soon and was useless to them.

In just twenty days, I recovered my health by practicing Falun Gong. Soon I escaped from China successfully. In the United Arab Emirates, I clarified the truth to Chinese tourists in order to rescue those fellow practitioners imprisoned in China. I told them I was subjected to horrific torture simply because I refused to give up my belief in Falun Gong. That was when the “610 Office” became shocked. They kidnapped me in the United Arab Emirates and tried to send me back to China. Fortunately, the Canadian government was informed of my situation at the pivotal moment and rescued me from their hands. That's how I arrived in Canada.

Reporter: Has the organ trade taken place in the labor camps in China's provinces, cities and municipalities that imprison Falun Gong practitioners? Are the victims of organ harvests mostly those practitioners who refuse to give the police their names or those who were imprisoned in forced labor camps?

Ms. Wang: I have been thinking about this question since I recalled the secret checkup on the condition of my organs. The Chinese communist regime not only harvests organs from those Falun Gong practitioners who refuse to give their names or who were kidnapped, but also practitioners like me. I have a husband and siblings. They all know I was imprisoned and knew the location of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. They even knew that I have family members outside of China. But when I was dying, the communist regime was preparing to remove my organs for sale! Bases my case, I believe the organ trade from living human beings must be well known in China. At least such a beastly action must be an open secret within China's “610 Office!”