Wang Lijun’s Documents a Ticking Time Bomb For the CCP

March 2, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Bo Xilai (L) and Wang Lijun (R)
Bo Xilai (L) and Wang Lijun (R). (Epoch Times Photo Archive).

The domino effect triggered by Wang Lijun, the former police chief and deputy mayor of Chongqing who attempted to defect to the American Embassy, has caused the Chinese communist regime to enter a state of crisis.

Rumors about the resignation of Bo Xilai, the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Chongqing and Wang’s former boss, have emerged from the inner circle of high-ranking Party officials. Once Bo is targeted, Zhou Yongkang, the head of the Communist Party’s security forces and a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, and the former CCP head Jiang Zemin will not sit around idly.

Just in case Bo makes a desperate attempt to fight back, the Central Military Commission of the CPC has dispatched the Hunan Province 126th paramilitary police brigade to Chongqing.

The United States, as a third party, holds the key documents provided by Wang Lijun when he sought asylum. The possible publication of this information is hanging like a sword of Damocles over the head of the CCP.

The incident has unprecedented significance because this is the first time the CCP has failed completely to control a leak of important information; this is also the first time the top leaders of the regime sense that it’s a life-and-death situation and that their fate is in someone else’s hands.

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Journalist Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon reported that the Chinese regime demanded that the United States return the Wang Lijun documents.

The Documents

An anonymous source wrote to The Epoch Times stating that there are six parts to the Wang documents.

1. Evidence of corruption by Bo Xilai and his family in past years.

2. Evidence that Bo bribed high-ranking military officials when he became Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary.

3. Evidence that Bo Xilai ordered the execution of Chongqing high-ranking officials, like Wen Qiang (the former head of Chongqing’s Judicial Bureau), and the arrest of Li Zhuang (a lawyer convicted in a kangaroo court proceeding because he attempted to defend a businessman Bo had arrested). Wang Lijun knew that Wen’s execution would offend some top officials, however Bo promised to promote Wang to Minister of Public Security once Bo became a member of the Politburo Standing Committee. In private, Bo mentioned that Jiang and Zhou supported his decision to execute Wen, saying that it was a preemptive strike against a greater future enemy.

4. Evidence that Bo conspired with Zhou to get rid of Xi Jinping (successor to Hu Jintao) and to seize power. Bo revealed the conspiracy to Wang and that the conspiracy was supported by the leadership (i.e. Jiang) of the CCP.

5. Once Bo becomes a member of the Politburo Standing Committee and seizes power, he would push the Chongqing Model across China and launch a cultural-revolution-style political campaign targeting the Hu-Wen faction, individual capitalists, and political and religious dissidents. “Even at the expense of 500,000 lives, we have to ensure that the ‘red country’ stays intact,” Bo is supposed to have said.

6. Relevant evidence (recordings and confidential materials) about Bo’s order and involvement in live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners as well as documents from the political and legal systems concerning the harsh repression of Falun Gong and political dissidents.

Although the source remains anonymous, this content seems to be relatively credible based on facts already known. For instance, the first two points about Bo’s corruption and collusion with the military have been proven.

The third point, that Bo ordered the execution of Wen Qiang (and the arrest of Li Zhuang), is obvious; Without Bo’s order, Wang would not have dared to make a move.

As for the 4th point about the plot between Bo and Zhou Yongkang to disrupt Chinese vice president Xi Jinping’s succession, it is also credible because the United States has released similar information.

The fifth point is supported by Bo’s record of cracking down on his enemies and many people over the past few years.

The sixth point about Bo’s overseeing the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners has already been proven by eye witness accounts in Liaoning Province, numerous pieces of evidence provided by Falun Gong practitioners over the years, and various investigative reports by independent organizations. This is crucial evidence of how Bo is complicit with Jiang Zemin in the persecution of Falun Gong.

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