Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: New Photos Show The Alexandria Safe Zone?

New photos from Senoia, Georgia show what appears to be the Alexandria Safe Zone.

The photos show a huge wall being built around the perimiter and homes and other structures being built inside.

There are also a lot of shipping containers in the area.

A tower is also being built, perhaps the biggest indication that this will be the Alexandria Safe Zone, which is heavily featured in the comic book version of The Walking Dead.

Some have speculated that the hospital that Beth is in as of season 5 is part of the safe zone, though there is no proof yet.

Others say that the safe zone will factor into the second half of season 5 leading into season 6.






In the comic books, Rick and his group are led to the safe zone by a scout, who goes outside the zone looking for survivors who would be a good fit for the community in Virginia. When they arrive, they find dozens of people in a big area, apparently part of a government survival neighborhood. It’s the place where Rick and the group eventually face Negan and his group.

The Citizen newspaper reported in July that a 15-foot wall would be built on the Gin Property in Senoia, to serve as a contained set for The Walking Dead. 

The plans called for the wall to be in place from mid-September until the end of November, supporting the theory that the safe zone factors into season 5. However, The Citizen reported two weeks later that a hearing on August 18 by the Senoia City Council will actually consider whether to allow the wall to be up until 2019, perhaps indicating that the safe zone won’t come into play until season 6 or later.

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