Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Beth Dies in Midseason Finale, Spoilers Indicate

October 26, 2014 Updated: November 9, 2015

Beth Greene will die in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 5, new spoilers indicate.

Beth is in a dangerous situation in a hospital in Atlanta, after getting captured by the mysterious car with the white cross on its in season 4. She’s expected to appear in episode 3 or episode 4 for the first time since then.

New information indicates that Beth will meet her end before episode 8, which will air on November 30.

“My cousin is one of the cameramen for The Walking Dead and I got him to squeeze some spoilers out for me,” a Twitter user shared recently.

“He correctly told me what happened to Bob before the season started so he is legit. He told me that Beth dies in the midseason finale and that Rick and co. find her as walker eating the person who is in charge of the hospital.

“They are all devastated and Maggie is the one who puts her down.”

The cameraman also indicated that Morgan returns at some point to help Rick but he wouldn’t elaborate on that.

The spoiler captured the attention of users at notable Walking Dead forum Spoil the Dead.

“I do hope she dies this season. They didn’t make her a main character for nothing,” said one.

“My next question is will either Carol or Tyreese end up dying this season for Morgan’s placement. Season 6 is going to require more major main characters, so some people on the current main cast list have got to kick the bucket anyway.”

“Beth won’t die from a walker..she deserves better imo. No one deserves to be bit by one of those vile things. Especially someone like Beth. I think the cop will kill her,” said another.

“But I think Beth will take her down with her though..hopefully. I REALLY want Beth to be the one to kill that obnoxious woman”

Some fans at the forum have been saying for a while that Beth dies in the middle of this season, due to Emily Kinney not being spotted on set for quite a while.

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