Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Alexandria From Comic Book Safe Haven After Terminus Escape? (+Photos)

The Walking Dead season 5 is currently filming, and lots of spoilers are coming out. Many are hard to confirm but leaked photos from the set are giving key insight into what will happen.

Rick and most of the group are stuck in a boxcar at Terminus as of the end of season 4. 

But it’s appearing increasingly likely that at least some of the group escapes from whatever Terminus is (the most popular theory is that it’s home to cannibals). Photos recently showed that Daryl was outside of Terminus, with Carol.

And now photos have been leaked showing a neighborhood that will allegedly be Alexandria, the community that is prominent in the comic book version of The Walking Dead.

“Ground is breaking for the wall that’s going up around Brownstone. The studio went in front of city council Tuesday night to give their plans and get the ok from the city. The plan is to errect a 15 ft wall around a set of row houses. They plan on filming there as soon as September and over the next two years is what was stated in the meeting,” according to The Spoiling Dead Fans.



“The property is owned by the president of the studio. The whole idea behind them building all of this is to be utilized at some point for any type of filming production. Word is that this filming over the next two years will be, Alexandria.”

In the comic books, Rick and his group are taken to Alexandria by a man who is out scouting for people to join the community. Alexandria, near Washington D.C., was set up by the government to house people in case of a disaster, with the ability to be self-sufficient. Rick and the others settle down there and have been there for quite a while, as of the point where the comic story is now.

One theory is that after Rick and some of the group escape Terminus (it’s hard to imagine that everyone makes it out alive), they start heading toward Washington, D.C.

A casting call for season 5 previously said that season 5 would include Rick and the group heading for the city, “where they meet new danger and a new enemy.”

Season 5 will premiere in October.


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