Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Spoilers: Most Questions Answered in First Three Minutes in Episode 1, Report Says

The Walking Dead season 4 cliffhanger left many questions for season 5, but most of them will be answered very early in the season 5 premiere.

Among the questions are: Who are the people at Terminus? Will anyone die there? How do Carol and Tyreese reunite with Rick’s group?

“By minute two or three of our season premiere, I think the vast majority of our questions have been answered,” show creator Robert Kirtkman told Entertainment Weekly.

“And five or six more have been presented, so you’re very much going to be invested, well-informed, and ready for the ride that we’re going to take you on.”

Some questions have already been answered by the season 5 trailer, such as regarding Beth’s status–she’s alive–although the trailer also brought up more questions, such as whether Bob dies in a scene that seems to show that he does.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) told EW that the gore and action in season 5 is on a new level.

“We’re really earning our rating this season,” Lincoln said. “There are families that watch it together, but just so it’s on the record, guys—it’s a grown-up show this season.”

The pop culture website revealed new magazine covers for Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and Glenn and Maggie.

Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12.






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