Walking Dead Season 5 Death Spoilers: Where is Beth? Dies Early in Season, Fans Say

October 12, 2014 Updated: October 13, 2014

The Walking Dead season 5 may not include Beth Greene for too long as some fans say they’ve found evidence that she dies early in the season.

Season 5, which premieres on October 12, did not include Beth.

But the trailer indicates that she’s Beth separated from the larger group at some type of hospital, with a mysterious group of people that includes a woman dressed in a police officer uniform.

Fans posted a thread on the Spoil the Dead forum saying that it appears that Beth died on the show.

“An unmentioned member has brought a theory with fair facts and just reason that Beth Greene has already died on the show. Here’s why (with facts),” it said.

Among the evidence cited was that she hasn’t been photographed since filming on July 15, for what is known as the bottle episode thread.

Tyler, a character that Beth was with at the hospital place–which some believe is the Alexandria Safe Zone–has been spotted filming with characters who are part of Rick’s group after that.

For instance, Tyler and Steven Yeun were spotted filming together on August 28, seemingly indicating that Tyler, the character, had met up with Glenn somehow or that they found the larger group.

Tyler was also filming with other actors whose characters are part of the group, such as Norman Reedus (Glenn).

The fan also said: “EK talks about Beth in past tense. Its unusual to hide actress or Actors, since they don’t hide the big names on the show like AL, MMB CC, MC and NR, (esp because she has been seen in the trailer already)I am wondering why we are seeing Tyler filming and no EK or the guy she walked into the hospital red brick building with, (Tyler and EK)as they are seen in the trailer def being together. All the signs are there, you just need to know how to read them.”

The fan referred to pictures that it said disprove the theory that members of the group arrived at the hospital and were looking for Beth. 

It also cited other facts that it said indicated that Beth is dead.

“Where is Beth? Based on evidence over the past 3 months it is likely that Beth is dead. I am a non shipper. Fact finder. Spoiler police, looking for evidence. EK has not been spotted on set since 15 July,” the fan said.

The new thread continued a thread that had received over 1,000 comments over its duration.

Other fans had different reactions to the theory.

“Beth could still return to film the last episode or two since we know this is a formula the show has used before. Others too were not seen for months on end last year and survived,: said one.

“I agree. Like you’ve said before, Gimple loves bookends and bringing Beth back towards the end, whether to kill her off or reunite her with the group is a bookend,” added another.

“I think we will see Beth in her bottle ep in episode 4 and then when the group meets up with Everybody hates Chris, he will let them know she’s still alive somewhere. Knowing this show loves to bring characters back in the most illogical way possible, we may see little Greene in ASZ[Alexandria Safe Zone].”

Other fans who support the death theory noted that Kinney said recently that she plans on doing a big tour next spring. One said, “This is more evidence that’s she’s dead or we are not seeing her for a really long time.”

Executive producer Scott Gimple said in Talking Dead after episode 1 that Beth is alive as of episode 2.

“She’s alive, it looks like she’s not having a good time, and it looks like there’s a story behind that,” he said.


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