Walking Dead Death Rumors: Noah and Tara Dead in Season 5

November 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Noah and Tara end up dead at some point in The Walking Dead season 5, tracking rumors indicate.

The potential spoilers are not definitive, though, and some fans believe that only one of the characters die and not both.

If that’s the case then Noah appears to be the one who dies, with the strongest evidence being Tyler James Williams hasn’t been spotted filming since September 12.

Three of Williams’ tweets in October are also being used as evidence of his character’s demise.

On October 22, Williams said: “Sleepless nights becoming the new norm.”

A day later, he added: “Peace.”

And on November 8, he said: “I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure.”

“I believe more so then Tara’s possible death that Noah is no longer with us. His tweets seem indicative of a combo of things Laurie Holden and Emily Kinney have done when their time on the show was/is ending,” said one of the fans on the Spoil the Dead forum.

Then again, it’s possible with the increased security around the set, that Williams is around filming but just hasn’t been spotted.

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(Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)
(Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)


Another possibility is that he hasn’t been filming but his character is alive–similar to Emily Kinney, who was missing for multiple episodes of season 4 after her disappearance but popped back up in season 5 recently (although, as the fan indicates, Beth’s death is believed to happen in the midseason finale or one of the episodes immediately after).

Tara is also rumored to die, as she has also not been spotted on set since September 12.

Her and Noah are linked because they were spotted in the same group that day, and the actors have also spent time outside the set after that day.

The potential deaths also fall into a pattern the AMC show has–only keeping supporting characters around for a little while, or even for several seasons but in the background. A number of characters fit this description, including Oscar, T-Dog, and Karen.

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