Voters to Decide on Legalizing Marijuana

March 25, 2010 Updated: March 25, 2010

California citizens will decide whether to legalize marijuana in November.

A grassroots ballot initiative succeeded in putting the issue before voters. The measure would not allow people to consume or smoke marijuana in public, near schools, or in the presence of minors.

No one under 21 would be allowed to possess or consume the substance. In part, the measure is being put forward as a source of revenue and of savings for the strapped state.

The state voting office issued an estimate from the legislative analyst and director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments, “Savings of up to several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments on the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders.”

Taxing marijuana sales is also part of the initiative, named “Changes California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to Be Regulated and Taxed.”