Volunteer Discusses Chinese People's True Feelings About Quitting the Communist Party

By Yang Xiaomei, The Epoch Times
April 13, 2007 Updated: April 13, 2007

The banners read: “Heaven Will Destroy the Chinese Communist Party,” “Quit the CCP to Ensure Your Safety,” and “The CCP's Evil Spirit is Already Rooted Out, So What Are You Waiting For?”

Seeing these banners at Chinese Communist Party (CCP) resignation rallies, one can't help but question, “Are these just slogans, or are they really true?” and “What do Chinese people really think of quitting the CCP?” On March 31, at a rally in Chicago, a report from New Tang Dynasty TV interviewed Mrs. Li, a volunteer who has worked on the CCP resignation project in China and who had just arrived in the U.S last October.

When Mrs. Li heard about the interview she ran home and brought out a large stack of papers of various shapes and sizes. The papers were filled with aliases such as, “Fortune” and “Precious” and also some real names. On the papers were also written sentences like “I voluntarily withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party,” “Voluntarily resigning from the Communist Youth League” and other such phrases. Mrs. Li said that these were resignation declarations she had brought from China. She said that over the past two years, in her share alone, there were no less than 3,000 people who had quit the three communist organizations. The eldest of the people was over 80 years old and the youngest was 20.

Pieces of paper of various sizes, filled with names. Mrs. Li said that she brought these resignation declarations from China. (New Tang Dynasty TV)
Pieces of paper of various sizes, filled with names. Mrs. Li said that she brought these resignation declarations from China. (New Tang Dynasty TV)

Mrs. Li was asked if Chinese people could accept phrases such as “Heaven Will Destroy the Communist Party” and “Quit the CCP to Ensure Your Safety.” Mrs. Li answered that “many people understand them.” She said that in China doing this project is very dangerous but no one has ever betrayed them. It is because many people find, especially retired officials, that after they quit the CCP much of their illnesses such as cerebral thrombus were cured. When she goes back to visit these people they all refer to her as their savior.

Mrs. Li also shared that once they went to a hospital to advertise CCP resignations and met an old lady with pancreatic cancer. Mrs. Li advised the lady to withdraw from the CCP, to which she replied, “I'm already so ill, what is the use of quitting now?”

Mrs. Li told her, “It is no problem, this will ensure your happiness in the next life.” The old woman, half believing, said, “I'm already so ill. Fine, if you say I should quit, then I will.” Not long after this the old lady was able to walk and her cancer was cured. Afterwards she went to her son's office and loudly proclaimed, “I quit the CCP and my illness was cured. You all showed so much filial piety, but who cured my illness?” The son was terrified and quickly said, “Mom, don't talk about it here in the office, we'll talk at home.” The elderly lady said, “I want to proclaim it here, and warn you all not to do so many actions against the heaven.”

It turned out that this was the local 610 office, the office that handles all Falun Gong affairs, and that the elderly lady's son was the head of this office.

Mrs. Li later said that the activities abroad to support people in China are really encouraging.