Volcano Erupts in Japan, Spreads Ash Over Cities

October 12, 2017 Updated: October 12, 2017

A volcano, Mount Shinmoedake, in Japan erupted and spread ash over four cities, according to reports.

Japanese broadcaster TBS showed elementary students wearing helmets as well as masks, AP reported.

Residents also said they heard rumbles from the volcano while ash fell on four towns and cities in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Street cleaners swept ash from city streets, while farmers used blowers to clear piles of ash.

The volcano—located in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures—began erupting Wednesday for the first time in six or so years.

“The ash plume reached a height of 300 meters when the volcano erupted,” Japan’s Meteorological Agency told AFP, noting that the eruption would persist and “become more active.”

The agency warned that deposits of ash would be spread more than a mile from the volcano’s crater.