Voices From Irma’s Trail of Destruction

September 8, 2017 Updated: September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma continues to leave a trail of destruction throughout the Caribbean as it thrashed over the Turks and Caicos islands of the southeast Bahamas.

A British woman who was stranded with her husband and 2-year-old on the islands documented the run-up of the hurricane in a series of videos.

Helen Crosse, a theatrical director and producer describes the “crazy” waves, a palm tree coming down, and tiles flying off the roof. “We’re just trying to keep calm,” she said, in a video posted on Sept. 8.

Many remain worried for their loved ones.

Kelly Sahota is in the UK and has been unable to contact her daughter Chhya Sahota, who was last seen at the CocoMaya beach resort on the British Virgin Islands.

Epoch Times Photo
Chhya Sahota was last seen at the CocoMaya beach resort on the British Virgin Islands. Her mother is desperately waiting to hear from her (Facebook)

The hurricane has taken the lives of at least 14 people, but this is expected to rise.

But others are breathing a sigh of relief as they find out their relatives survived the worst storm to ever hit the Atlantic. A pair of British sisters who were feared missing were found to be safe, their aunt said earlier today.

Ruth Bolton was worried for her nieces, Afiya Frank, 27 who is seven months pregnant, and Asha Frank, 29. She feared the worst when the British sisters had not been heard from as the hurricane hit the island of Barbuda where they were staying.

“Today we have been getting a little news from Barbuda,” Aunt Ruth Bolton said on her fundraising page.

The Team Antigua Atlantic Rowers managed to get word back and some film footage of the island.

“It has been frustrating waiting for news and the lack of information [is] unbearable. We now know that everyone is accounted for. Asha and Afiya Frank have been seen helping with the voluntary evacuation.”

Similarly, a delighted Nadya Reinhard Pretorius found out that her family in the British Virgin Islands are safe today. Her brother, his wife and two children confirmed that they are safe.

Among the youngest to survive hurricane Irma are the British 6-month-old triplets Charlotte, Isabella, and Beatrice, who live on the British Virgin Islands.

The Telegraph reports that although their parents are keeping the triplets safe, most of their family’s island home has been reduced to rubble.

The family has set up a fundraising page to raise money for those who have been affected by the storm.

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