Voice of America and Radio Free Asia Broadcast through W5 Satellite

By Xinfei, Epoch Times Staff
November 6, 2005 Updated: November 6, 2005

Starting from October, Voice of America (VOA) TV programs and Radio Free Asia (RFA) began broadcasting into Asia, including China, from the W5 satellite owned by Eutelsat, which is the one that beams New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) signals into China. VOA and RFA now broadcast multi-language TV and radio programs, including programs in Chinese, through W5 satellite.

NTDTV, a Chinese TV station headquartered in New York City, started broadcasting in the United States in February 2002 and in Asia, through the W5 Satellite, in April 2004. Under pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Eutelsat attempted to terminate its contract with NTDTV which would have ended NTDTV's broadcast to Asia.

After long negotiations with Eutelsat, in September 2005, NTDTV and Eutelsat reached an agreement, and NTDTV was able to continue broadcasting its programs—not censored by the CCP—through the W5 satellite.

Observers think that the participation of VOA and RFA shows a gradual expansion of un-censored satellite broadcasting in Asia. Many Chinese will benefit invaluably from this free transfer of news and information. The participation is also a milestone that encourages global media and satellite businesses to broadcast freely in Asia, especially in China.