Visual Marketing: 5 Important Reasons to Use Web Based Apps

March 20, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Whether you are designing a website or preparing a presentation for a prospective client, there will be programs and tools you will need to use along the way. One of the key elements in any design is going to be graphics in some form or other. Do you need to provide visual data with eye-catching charts? Would an infographic visually represent a concept or statistics in an easy to follow format?

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No matter what your ultimate use will be, it helps to know that there are web-based applications that are designed to help the ‘graphically challenged’ professional get the job done. If you are left choosing between a software application which you can load onto your computer or a web-based application, the best advice would be to opt for the web app. Here is why.

1) Can Be Accessed from Multiple Locations

What happens if you buy a graphics program and load it onto your computer at the office but find that you need to work on your project at home? Unless that program gives you the rights to load it on multiple computers, you may be out of luck. As well, some software allows the program to be loaded onto a pre-specified number of computers, but your company policy might not provide for home computers. With a web-based graphics utility, you can access your work from wherever you happen to be at any hour of the day or night.

2) Can Be Accessed across Multiple Platforms

Some programs are proprietary to specific operating systems. This can create quite a problem if you have a program that works with Windows but you go mobile with an Apple laptop. With a web-based graphics utility like Visme, you can access your work from any operating system, save it online and then work on it later from another machine with a totally different operating system.

3) Can Be Accessed by Multiple Users

Some visual marketing aids such as infographics are comprised of data from an assortment of individuals. One team may be responsible for creating a visual representation of statistics whilst another team may be highlighting case histories. With a web-based graphics utility, each team and each member within those teams has access to complete their part of the project.

4) On-site Tech Support

How many times have you had a question in regards to an issue you are having with a piece of software? Quite often there is no ‘live’ help, no number to call for tech support. If you are lucky, the number they give you rings through to tech support but you are left in queue for 30 minutes or more. Most web-based utilities come with a live tech support chat feature that is quick and pain-free. At least if you are left in queue you don’t need to sit there like a fool with a phone propped between your ear and shoulder whilst you wait an eternity.

5) Subscriptions Are Cost Effective

Last, but most certainly not least, most web-based apps carry a subscription fee. This is especially beneficial to smaller start-ups as there is no high cost up front. Many online apps offer a choice of monthly or annually so you can choose the payment option that best suits your finances. How many software developers give you this option? You either buy the program or you don’t use it. It is that simple.

Visual marketing is one of the most effective advertising techniques which is why so many marketing agencies are using these strategies. Whether you are a web designer or simply an online entrepreneur, you will appreciate the ease in which you can learn to navigate your way around web-based graphics apps like Visme. If you haven’t dabbled with graphics yet, this is surely the place to start.