Virus: ‘Women Eaten Alive by Shark Attack’ is Bogus, Don’t Click

November 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A Facebook post with the message, “Shark Attack!! Women Eaten Alive by Shark,” is bogus and contains malware.

Users shouldn’t click on it or share it.

The post adds, “She was swimming naked at that time and suddenly a shark swallow her.”

According to security blog Online Threat Alerts, “If you click (DO NOT) the ‘Play’ button or the video image, you will be asked to installed a plug-in in order to watch the video, but there is NO VIDEO. The plug-in that you will be asked to install is a malicious program that can infect your computer with a Trojan horse, virus, web browser hijacker, adware or spyware.”

And Hoax-Slayer notes that “when you click on any of the teaser images, a popup message will claim that you must install a plugin before you can watch any videos.”

Users should not install any plugin because it “is a malware program that can
hijack your browser, show malicious advertisements, and interfere with security settings on your computer.”

Most Facebook posts that include the title “Shocking video” are generally scams. Some have malware, others have bogus surveys, and others are designed to promote a specific website via Facebook.

“Now, if you have already clicked on the fake Facebook video post and followed the instructions on the website that you were taken to, please do a full scan of your computer with the antivirus software installed on it,” Online Threat Alerts adds.