Virus Alert: ‘Green Winick Attorneys at Law – Notice to Appear in Court’ Email has a Trojan Horse

An e-mail that’s currently being sent out en masse contains a virus. The message reads, “Notice to appear in court No#6022” and claims to be from “Green Winick Attorneys at Law” and sent on July 10.

It’s nothing more than a scam intended to spread malware, according to security blog Online Threat Alerts.

If one opens link in the e-mail, it can download a Trojan Horse virus, which will infect one’s computer. “The file the link will download onto your computer IS NOT a summons to appear in court, but Zip or compressed file (GreenWinick_, which contains a malicious file that will infect your Windows computer if you open it,” says the blog.

If one has downloaded the file, it’s best to do a full anti-virus scan. The Trojan Horse can allow the scammers behind it to access your computer and potentially take control of it.

The whole email scam reads:

“From: GreenWinick Lawyers [mailto:cliff]
Sent: Thursday, 10 July 2014 3:56 PM
Subject: Notice to appear in court No#6022

Green Winick

Notice to Appear,

To view copy of the court notice click here. Please, read it thoroughly. Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence.”