Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 3: Bridge Over Troubled Routers (Illustration)

May 8, 2012 Updated: September 22, 2015

Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 3: Bridge Over Troubled RoutersWhat would happen if one of China’s 40,000 Internet Police carried out his virtual duties in the real world? What if he was so plugged into his role of “purifying” the Internet, that he couldn’t help but act out those responsibilities in his daily life? We present to you “The Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop.”

Going “over the wall” is a common term among China’s netizens referring to bypassing the censorship firewall installed by the communist regime. Yet the internet blockade can be relatively easily broken through, using Freegate and Ultrasurftechnology developed by Falun Gong practitioners.These same tools were used in Iran to get tweets out to the free world when an important movement was underway.

As the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party continue to be exposed, the Internet and free flow of information will play a major role. There is often more truth in the rumors coming from the web in China than in the news coming from Chinese state-controlled media outlets. With the world watching, and Chinese citizens working around the regime’s Internet censorship system, there is little chance the regime can keep its dirty laundry hidden.

Experience the Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 2: Policing the Playgrounds.

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