Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 2: Policing the Playgrounds (Illustration)

April 30, 2012 Updated: September 22, 2015

The Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop, Part 2: Policing the Playgrounds

The Internet is many things for many people, but almost universally it is a form entertainment. But in China today, even the most trivial situations can trigger discomfort for the regime. China currently deploys an army of Internet police and deputies of sorts charged with monitoring everything from micro-blogs to comments on news articles. The regime has reason to be concerned what Chinese people are talking about online. China now sees hundreds of thousands of “mass protests” such as labor strikes, riots, and protests each year. Though the incidents are isolated in nature, many are sparked by similar causes, including police abuse, forced evictions, and corruption.

What would happen if one of China’s 40,000 Internet Police carried out his virtual duties in the real world? What if he was so plugged into his role of “purifying” the Internet, that he couldn’t help but act out those responsibilities in his daily life? 

Experience the Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 1: Blind Date.

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