Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 1: Blind Date (Illustration)

April 28, 2012 Updated: September 22, 2015

The Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Part 1

There comes a time in every tyrannical regime when people stop believing the propaganda. At that point, heroes start to look like villains and so-called “enemies of the state” start to look like brave men and women willing to speak against injustice. Such is the case in China today where civil unrest has reached record levels as people take to the streets en masse to show their displeasure with corruption and abuse of power. In that climate, the true nature of the roles played by folks like our Internet cop become all too obvious, and more than a little odious.

What would happen if one of China’s 40,000 Internet Police carried out his virtual duties in the real world? What if he was so plugged into his role of “purifying” the Internet, that he couldn’t help but act out those responsibilities in his daily life? 

Experience the Virtual Reality of a Chinese Internet Cop Pt. 2: Policing the Playgrounds.

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