Viral Waffle House Video Shows Employees Using Restaurant Equipment to Fix Hair

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
January 13, 2016 Updated: January 13, 2016

A viral video shows two employees at an Arkansas Waffle House doing their hair in the restaurant’s kitchen.

The video was filmed by a customer at the kitchen counter, and shows one employee dipping her hair into a pot of water.

When she removes her hair from the pot, another employee helps wrap it with the towel.

Antonio Robison said he filmed one of the videos circulating online.

“I just got out my phone and I just started to record,” Robinson told Fox. “I just thought it was nasty and I needed to let somebody see this.”

Robinson said a friend he was dining with found hair in his food.

“He was just coughing. Cough. Cough. Making noises like that,” Robinson told WREG

“I looked up at him. He went to pulling out strings of hair out his mouth.”

St. Francis County health inspectors launched a full investigation into the video, while Waffle House said they’ve fired the employees.

“That’s not acceptable. That’s why we terminated them,” said a manager.

Waffle House said the health department visited the Forrest City location, but that it passed inspection.