Viral Video: Vegas Homeowner Tricks Thieves Into Stealing Box of Dog Poop

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
December 14, 2015 Updated: December 14, 2015

A Las Vegas homeowner got fed up with his packages being stolen off his doorstep, so he devised a new plan.

Eric Bardo got the revelation while cleaning up after his dog.

“One day I kind of just thought about cleaning up the poop and putting it in a box and that’s what I did,” Bardo told KTNV.

“I put it in there, and taped it up and wrote the address on it and it sat out there for four days and they finally came and got it.”

Bardo says he also pulled off the prank to test out the new surveillance cameras he installed.

He also didn’t want police involved, preferring to try to settle things himself.

“I didn’t want to call them and say somebody stole a box a poop off of my front porch,” Bardo said.