Viral Video of Homeless Woman Beaten by Georgia Police Leads to Case Reopening

July 10, 2017 Updated: July 11, 2017

Police in Georgia were caught on camera beating a homeless woman. Before the video went viral, a Georgia court charged Katie McCrary with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and served her a criminal trespass warning. Since the video went viral after the June 4 incident in DeKalb County, the police department reopened an internal investigation.

The male police officer is seen trying to handcuff McCrary at a Chevron gas station while she struggles on the floor. He struck her multiple times with his baton. At one point he threatens to shoot after she grabs the baton.

The YouTube page of video uploader Stacy Zachery shows heated arguments: Is this considered police brutality or was she resisting arrest and the force was justified to remove her?

Television stations also reached out to the video poster in the comments sections requesting use of the footage.

From NTD Television