Viral Video: Mom’s CCTV Camera Catches Night Creeper

March 20, 2016 Updated: January 8, 2018

Mother of two Lisa Mackenzie posted a video on Facebook that might be more disturbing than any horror movie. After noticing scratches on her back door, Mackenzie put up a CCTV camera on her back door.

The footage shows a hooded man creeping around the back with what appears to be a flashlight. He then peers into a window.

“CCTV paid off. Anyone know this scumbag? Looking through my windows. Police called. 1.15 am Monday 13/7/15,” she wrote.

Later, after her viral post, Mackenzie told WalesOnline that she felt “physically sick” after seeing the video. “I thought I was paranoid. But now I wish I was paranoid,” she added.

“We understand the footage causes concern but would like to reassure residents that burglary levels are low in the area and it appears to be an isolated incident,” South Wales Police Inspector Richard Weber told WalesOnline.

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