Viral Video: California Man Finds His Car in Flooded Parking Lot During Live News Report

January 7, 2016 Updated: January 7, 2016

Storms in Southern California, bolstered by El Niño, have brought intense rain this week.

The result? Road closures, flooding, and mudslides, among other effects.

Gene Kang from CBS waded into a flooded parking lot to report live on the effects of the El Niño winter, then the camera caught something else.

A man walked into the lot to go to his car and was taken aback by the murky water.

He was not pleased.

According to Reddit users, the man works at the mall and later yelled at a security guard for not telling him that the parking lot was flooding.

But another user pointed out the guy should have known better.

“I shop at this mall all the time. No idea what this guy was thinking parking there,” the user said. “The whole road was flooded just yesterday and the mall made it pretty clear parking there was probably a bad idea.”

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