Viral Video Apparently Shows Guy Opening Up Master Lock With a Small Hammer

December 3, 2015 Updated: December 3, 2015

A viral YouTube video shows how it easy it is to break a Master Lock No. 3 lock with a small hammer.

Master Lock responded to the clip on Facebook, saying that any security device like a lock can be manipulated.

“We recognize that there are those who attempt to challenge the integrity of security products for sport. With the proper time, knowledge and tools nearly any security device can be manipulated – especially in a controlled environment by a dedicated locksmith or security expert,” the lock maker wrote in a post.

It added: “The most important function of any locking mechanism is deterrence. No one takes security more seriously than Master Lock and we offer a complete line of lock products that offer escalating levels of security and cost. Consumers should choose a level of security based on their needs and budget. Consistent with our industry leadership and commitment to product excellence, Master Lock is always innovating to further enhance the security our products provide.”

Here’s the clip, which has amassed hundreds of thousands of views in a short while:

However, some people dispute Master Lock’s claims. “Will Master Lock be giving refunds to those of us who entrusted our valuables with your products?” wrote one person.

One person apparently went the extra step and posted his incredulous account of removing nearly 1,000 locks after watching the video–and it turned bizarre quickly.

The person commented: “Time for Master Lock to go bankrupt. Over the last 24 hours, my company has replaced 890 Master Locks on storage units across the country in which we store items related to leased property enhancement — tools, vacuums, etc. The cost to us has been in excess of 75 dollars per lock. This is 66,750 dollars plus tax plus our original Master Lock purchase price. Master Lock has lost our business for life.”

The video was uploaded by YouTuber user bosnianbill. His channel says: “Your Lock Lab for exploring different ways to overcome security devices, with a focus on locks. The techniques we’ll look at include both non-destructive (picking, bypassing,etc.) as well as a few destructive methods. Our objective is to have a little fun while gaining a rapid entry. We’ll also look at how different devices work, identify their design weaknesses, exploit them, and generally break a lot of [expletive.”