Viral: Truck Transforms Into a ‘Castle,’ and It’s No Joke

August 2, 2019 Updated: August 2, 2019

A totally road-safe truck holds an unbelievable secret.

Even though tiny houses might one has to make a  sacrifice, a family of three—Justin, Jola, and their son Piko—had big plans instead.

The family of three decided to turn a decades-old truck into a house and “castle.”

Tiny house enthusiast website Living Big in a Tiny House says it started when they obtained a Bedford TK truck/bus, which the family had settled on using when they traveled abroad.

“This incredible transforming house truck is one that you really have to see to believe. Completely folded up, it would look very similar to a regular house truck were it not for the two turrets on the back that give a hit of what it becomes. Once parked, the house truck completely folds out and transforms into a fantasy castle,” the website says.

When traveling, the truck/house is compact and small. The walls fold in and the roof is able to retract, and it’s able to traverse on nearly any road and deal with low clearances.

“Once parked however, the castle truck comes to life, expanding to create a beautiful little home for its builders / owners Justin, Jola and their son Piko. The family have a very active lifestyle and the indoor outdoor flow of the house was a central theme in it’s design,” the tiny house website says.

The truck is 40 square meters, has a rooftop bathtub, a food dehydrator, a kitchen with a refrigerator.

It also has a shower and a composting toilet. It also has a washing machine.

There are also solar panels that come out to provide power.

Minimal House in Hawaii

Kristie Wolfe had some building experience from constructing her own tiny home on wheels in her hometown of Pocatello, Idaho.

After learning to love living on less, Wolfe wanted some land to build a tiny vacation home with some of the money she was saving with her pared-down lifestyle, according to a YouTube video.

Wolfe ended up buying a plot of land in Hawaii without seeing it for about $8,000. A year later, she and her mother flew with tools to build a bamboo “treehouse” that blended with the surrounding jungle.

After two months of hard work, and spending about $11,000, Wolfe had her second home.

Some may feel the 15-foot by 15-foot house is too small, but Wolfe sees the size as an asset.

“My original house was 97 square feet so that was really tiny so this feels huge,” she said of her 225-square-foot home.

“I think small homes are beautiful because it fits with my lifestyle. I think having a lot of stuff mentally weighs you down even in ways that you don’t realize,” she said.