Viral Photo: Picture of the Beach Is Something Else Entirely

July 10, 2019 Updated: July 10, 2019

An image that purports to show a beach is anything but that.

The optical illusion was posted on Twitter, showing a blurred picture of what looks like the ocean and the darkened sky.

It was posted to Twitter by Muhammad Nayem, who owns the Pakistani store, generating thousands of likes and retweets, according to Fox News.

He said that it was the lower portion of a “car gate” that was damaged. He appears to be referring to a car door and didn’t offer further context.

“If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist, But its not a painting its lower part of the car gate which needs to be repaired,” he wrote.

He implored viewers to “focus on [the] dark side” and “you will see [the] car gate.”

Numerous people thought it was a beach.

According to the National Institute of Heath’s (NIH) Eye Institute, “An optical illusion is something that plays tricks on your vision.” It has to do with the way the brain and eyes coordinate together to see an image.

“You live in a three-dimensional world, so your brain gets clues about depth, shading, lighting, and position to help you interpret what you see. But when you look at a two-dimensional image, your brain can be fooled because it doesn’t get the same clues,” it says.