Viral Photo: How Many Girls Are in This Picture?

March 17, 2016 Updated: December 31, 2017

A photo posted to Instagram by a Swiss photographer has left people confused.

With mirrors apparently on both sides of the picture, the photo taken by Tiziana Vergari apparently shows two girls.

But a debate has erupted on the social media platform and elsewhere, with some users suggesting the picture shows three, four, five, or even 13 different girls.

Some users believe there are twins or triplets in the picture. “Girls #1 and #4 are different people,” one user claimed. “Look at how different their faces are!”

“There’s clearly four. Look at how the reflections are. If you see their face, the mirror shows the back of their head. If you see the back of the head, the mirror shows the face. The girls just look similar,” another said.

But others think there’s just two, with any speculation about more being wrong.

“There is 2 girls… the girls both have a mirror on the side of them which makes a replica of the mirrors making multiple picture of the girls,” a user said.

Later, Vergari wrote in the comments that there are indeed only two girls in the picture. It’s believed they are her daughters.