Vikings Season 2 Spoilers,Trailer, and Premiere Date

January 20, 2014 Updated: January 20, 2014

Vikings season 2 is set for a February 27 premiere date on the History channel and the trailer has come out.

Spoilers are also coming out giving a preview into the upcoming season. Let’s check some of them out.

-The season will have 10 episodes

-Many of the cast members are returning, including Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Clive Standen (Rollo), and Jessalyn Gilsig (Siggy).

-Linus Roache will join the cast as King Ecbert of Wessex, “a man full of strength, knowledge and undisguised ambition.”

-Alexander Ludwig also joins the cast, as Ragnar’s son Bjorn. He’s described as “intelligent and bold” as a warrior. This appears to be a recasting of the role instead of a new son.

-Show creator Michael Hirst told the Huffington Post that there are three or four huge issues that have opened up and are unresolved. “Ragnar and his brother; Ragnar and his wife; Ragnar and [Aslaug]; Ragnar and his son,” he said. “Really big, big issues open up under the feet of all the major characters.”

-Rollo could betray Ragnar. “Jarl Borg makes him an offer that’s very difficult to refuse that, if he betrays Ragnar and joins with Jarl Borg, they’ll fight together against Ragnar and Horik and carve out their own kingdom,” Hirst said. “We know that Rollo finds it very hard to live in the shadow of his brother. In Viking society, fame and reputation were very, very important. It was just a staple thing, that aspect of their society. So for a great warrior like Rollo, it’s difficult to have a brother who is achieving a great deal, who’s obviously very clever, who’s very ambitious. So, the invitation to come out from under Ragnar’s shadow may be overwhelming. And, if indeed that is what happens, the consequences could be huge.”



-Lagertha remarries to a wealthy earl, according to SpoilerTV. She becomes an earl in her own right, a plot twist that is based on history. And she and Ragnar meet again as equals. The official preview says that “Ragnar’s indiscretions threaten his marriage to Lagertha, tearing him and his beloved son apart.”

-Ragnar and Bjorn are separated for a long period of time but are later reunited. Bjorn talks with his father about the good times they’ve shared and how happy he is that he is that both Ragnar and Lagertha are there together with him.

-Athelstan’s struggle with his faith and the pagan gods in the Viking culture “lead him into some pretty dark and dangerous places in the second season.”

-The King of Wessex is going to be a really big deal. “Wessex is a much larger kingdom than Northumbria, with a much more powerful king and also a cleverer king, a king who spent half of his young life at the court of Emperor Charlemagne,” Hirst said. “He’s a different kettle of fish. The Vikings are coming across someone with real history and real knowledge and tactics. So, Ragnar is going to be up against a very formidable foe in the King of Wessex.”

-More blood will be spilled. The official description says: “Season two brings crises of faith, of power, of relationships. Brothers rise up against one another. Loyalties shift from friend to foe, and unlikely alliances are formed in the name of supremacy. Plots are hatched, scores are settled, blood is spilled…all under the watchful eyes of the gods.”


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