Videos of the Day: Trump Represents Traditional American Values, Says Retired Pilot

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October 28, 2018 Updated: October 29, 2018

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Lining up to see President Donald Trump speak at the rally in Murphysboro, Illinois, on Oct. 27, these proud Americans told NTD Television what they thought of the Trump presidency so far.

Retired airline pilot Mark told NTD Television that President Donald Trump “represents traditional American values.”

“This country has gone so far to the left in the last few decades, you know, we are in danger of losing our basic constitutional rights. He’s going to appoint judges that respect the rule and law and the Constitution, as is with his last two supreme court nominees,” Mark said of Trump. “And frankly, I think this maybe our last best chance to stop the erosion of our constitutional rights.”

One lady told NTD Television how proud she was to support her president. “We’re here to support President Trump because we see a man that had a lifestyle that only most of us would dream of,” she said.

“He gave that up for all the criticism, all the slander, all the libel, and all the hate that’s given him, trying to make this country the best country it can be. And I think he’s doing a pretty good job of that.

“I am for the border. I think that we are a compassionate country, but I think we also have to be a smart country. We have to take care of the American citizens, we have to take care of the American veterans that have fought these wars to keep our borders free. That is their job to do, to protect us; the president’s job is to protect us. I’m standing by President Trump.”

Darrel Hall, a former Navy officer, was also interviewed by NTD Television before the rally. Hall said, “I like him because he is not a politician. He’s not a bit corrupted by the political system. And I hope he puts Hillary in prison, I have never forgotten what she has done to this country.”

Another man Shawn Wertin, a tanker-truck driver who was originally from Denver, Colorado, told NTD Television, “I used to be a liberal, democratic. But it’s called #WalkAway. We are going all the way with this, so Donald Trump … absolutely number one.”

Individuals Join Together to ‘Walk Away’ for Freedom

The mainstream media ignored it completely. President Donald Trump tweeted about it. And on a rainy weekend, the members of the Walk Away movement made a statement about recovering themselves and loving America.

The five-month-old Walk Away campaign—the joining of individuals who used Facebook to express their desire to leave the Democratic Party—became so much more than a hashtag, with a three-day festival marked by high spirits, fiery speeches, and a pretty good turnout, despite the cold rain.

On Oct. 27, with a short 15-minute march in the rain from John Marshall Park to Freedom Plaza, Walk Away strode into the American free-speech renaissance exploding nationwide in the era of Trump. People descended from all across the country to attend the various events—one couple even came all the way from New Zealand.

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Community Comes Together to Honor Victims of Synagogue Attack

A multi-faith service followed by a candlelight vigil was held near the Tree of Life synagogue on Oct. 27.

Eleven people died earlier on Oct. 27 when a gunman, identified by authorities as Robert Bowers, burst in during Saturday services and opened fire.

Six people were injured, including four first responders who rushed to the scene to confront the active shooter.

City officials have called the hate crime “horrific.”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered all Commonwealth flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of the fallen victims.

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