Videos of the Day: Sheriff Blames Sanctuary Law for California Officer’s Death

December 29, 2018 Updated: January 27, 2019

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A suspected drunken driver accused of killing a California police officer who pulled him over was captured Friday as he tried to flee back to Mexico, where he lived before illegally crossing into the United States, authorities said.

The sheriff leading the investigation blamed California’s sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Gustavo Perez Arriaga to U.S. immigration officials for two previous drunken driving arrests. If he had been deported, the sheriff said, Cpl. Ronil Singh of the tiny Newman Police Department would still be alive.

“We can’t ignore the fact that this could have been preventable,” Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson told reporters, asking why the state was “providing sanctuary for criminals (and) gang members. It’s a conversation we need to have.”

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Winter Storms Cause Thousands of Delayed Flights

Blizzard warnings are in effect for roughly one-million people in Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and the Dakotas.It caused whiteout conditions and treacherous roads in parts of the Upper Midwest is blamed in at least three fatal accidents, officials said.These rough conditions are likely going to cause nightmares for people traveling over the new year’s holiday.

Canceled, delayed and diverted — tired travelers are waiting out a long night at phoenix sky harbor airport, hoping to get a flight out of town. The line to check-in or check a bag for some airlines wrapped around the escalator. Airport employees worked overtime to ensure everything went smoothly and suitcases were transferred correctly.

In addition to weather, general holiday traffic is feeding the frenzy. Triple-a says a record-breaking 112 million Americans will travel through January 1st. Nearly 46 million will fly. While some passengers packed their patience and waited, others made new plans.

The airport and airline officials say if you are flying, the best thing to do is check ahead at the airport.

Times Square Confetti Tested for New Year’s Eve Bash

The confetti fell on the crowds in New York’s Times Square on Saturday (December 29), but it wasn’t during the New Year’s Eve celebration, only a practice run for the big bash.
Organizers of the New Year’s Eve celebration dropped confetti from the top of the marquee of the Hard Rock Cafe to test its ‘air worthiness.’

Dashcam Footage Shows Police Officer Swerving to Avoid Oncoming Train

Video footage from a dashcam showed a police officer narrowly avoiding an oncoming train.

The footage was posted by the driver of the vehicle, Officer Peter Stanglewicz of Mokena, Illinois.

“Throughout my life, I’ve had very little luck. I’ve bought tons of raffle tickets, from little league tickets to charity raffles. Every lottery ticket was a loser. I just thought I wasn’t born with luck at all,” he wrote on Facebook.

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