Video: Woman Meets Long Lost Identical Twin 25 Years Later

March 3, 2016 Updated: March 3, 2016

A 27-year-old woman in California posted a video on YouTube and something amazing happened: She met her identical twin. The two were separated at birth and didn’t know the other existed.

In an op-ed piece for the Guardian, Anaïs Bordier–who was adopted by a French family–said she saw odd videos on YouTube that were uploaded by a California woman who looked exactly like her.

“A month later, I was on a bus in Hackney when a friend told me there was a new video online of my doppelganger. I immediately watched it on my phone. It was a trailer for a film, so I looked up the cast and finally had her name: Samantha Futerman. I found out she was also born in Korea and her birthday was 19 November 1987, the same as mine,” she wrote.

She added that “I was so shocked I had to get off the bus. I called my mum and she said the words I’d been afraid to even think: ‘Do you think she might be your twin?'”

Both Samatha and Anai’s were born in Busan, South Korea, and they were both adopted by their families. Both were born November 19, 1987.

Anai’s sent a Facebook message and in return, she got her adoption records and the message: “Dude, we’re totally twins.”

An identical twin specialist Dr. Nancy Segal heard the girls’ story and did a DNA test. The results proved the two are twins.

A documentary called “Twinsters,” which is directed by Samantha, will be released this month.