Watch What Happens Jeff Teague Tries to Go One-on-One Against Anthony Davis

February 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Guards in the NBA often find themselves in mismatches against big men, and either try to take them off the dribble or create space to take a jump shot.

Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks found himself in isolation against Anthony Davis on Monday night, and thought he could get a shot off. But he forgot something.

Davis is not like other big men. His fluidity stems from a unique growth spurt, before which he had plenty of time to acquire the smooth motions of a guard.

Teague tried to fake driving against Davis and then shoot, but Davis didn’t bite and got the block.

Davis has been making a huge impact on the game both defensively and offensively. He has seven rebounds and 19 points, and a steal to go along with the block, in the first half. The Pelicans shockingly lead against the Hawks at halftime, 55-42.

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