Video: The New Jaguar XE at the Paris Auto Show

By Mimi Li, Epoch Times
October 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015


This is the Jaguar XE, the newest and smallest car offered by the British luxury brand.

With this compact sedan, Jaguar is taking a leap towards becoming a more versatile brand, as it enters new territory in the market.

The XE will take on some very established brands, like the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class, and the Audi A4 as it starts competing in the compact segment of the market. And it will be the first Jaguar to do so since the X-type was discontinued in 2008.

The XE is also an important car when it comes to building the Jaguar brand. Jaguar Land Rover has invested heavily in its business since it was bought by India’sTata Motors in 2008.

And the XE is the first model to be built on an all-new aluminum platform. It will be offered with several motors from the in-house Ingenium engine family.

With the XE and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, which are both new for 2015, Jaguar Land Rover is eyeing double-digit growth in sales in not only Europe but across the globe. The automaker invested $3.2 billion in creating the XE, according to Christine Zander of the Wall Street Journal, citing Jaguar Land Rover Chief Operating Officer Andrew Goss.

The car, which completes the Jaguar sedan range, sitting below the Jaguar XF and the Jaguar XJ models, will be priced at 27,000 British pounds (about $43,000) at entry level when it goes on sale globally in 2015 and in the United States in 2016.