Video: Southwest Flight Attendant Holds Passenger’s Baby to Give Her a Break

April 11, 2019 Updated: April 11, 2019

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant was captured on video carrying the baby of a passenger in an attempt to soothe the fussy girl.

Savannah Blum, a teacher, was traveling back home to Reno, Nevada after visiting family in Texas with her 19-month-old daughter Brittan, reported NBC New York.

During the trip, her daughter didn’t want to sleep like she usually does on flights, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the pair made a stop in Las Vegas and unexpectedly had to swap planes, Blum said. However, the flight attendant, who identified herself only as Jessica, encouraged the mother, saying, “I’m gonna be on the flight with you.”

They got on the next plane, and Jessica offered to hold the child, saying, “Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down.” Blum then recorded the Southwest crew member carrying her baby through the plane while preparing for takeoff.

“Everyone loves this little girl- even Southwest passengers and flight attendants,” Blum wrote on social media.

"Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down," the flight attendant said, and carried the 19-month-old up the aisle for her pre-takeoff routine. Then came lots of blown kisses.

Posted by NBC New York on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The girl was seen blowing kisses at other passengers as they walked.

Commenters responded with praise for the crew member.

“The cutest little girl ever, what a beautiful gesture from the flight attendant. Kindness rules,” said one woman.

Another woman added, “Oh my word!! Blowing all those kisses! Too adorable!”

“Love it! I think she is practicing for Miss U.S.A.!” added another.

According to Yahoo News, a woman who said she was on the same flight stated, “I asked the flight attendant how she got so lucky. She replied ‘Pretty cute carry-on, right?’ Made my 14-hour day of travel sweeter!”

Southwest, in a statement to NBC, said its employees “take great pride in delivering our legendary Southwest Hospitality, so it’s not surprising that one of our amazing Flight Attendants shared her Southwest Heart while helping to care for one of our youngest customers in such a sweet, fun way.”

Flight Passenger Forgets Baby

In March, an incredulous air-traffic controller had to double-check what a desperate passenger said she had left behind when the pilot radioed in requesting to return the airport.

“We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight,” came the reply, recorded in a video clip that quickly went viral on the internet, according to Gulf News.

According to the news outlet, the airplane had already taken off when the passenger alerted the crew on Saudia airlines flight SV832 from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The bizarre request caught air-traffic officials off guard, as they scrambled to figure out whether leaving a baby behind constituted an “emergency” according to airline protocols, which are naturally strict on the criteria for turning flights around.

“May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” the pilot says in the recording, according to the translation on Gulf News.

Video goes viral on social media showing pilot requesting to head back to Jeddah

Posted by Gulf News on Monday, March 11, 2019

The operator can be heard asking another colleague about the protocol.

“This flight is requesting to come back …a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.”

Finally, the plane was allowed to return.

“Ok, head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us!” said the controller.

Epoch Times reporter Simon Veazey contributed to this report.