Video Shows Train Hit Sheriff’s Car as Deputy Races to Baby In Distress

May 22, 2019 Updated: May 22, 2019

Video has emerged showing a train plowing into the car of a sheriff’s deputy and flipping it onto its roof.

Fox7 Austin reported on the dramatic incident, which took place on May 21 in Midland County.

Sheriff Gary Painter of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office was cited in the report as saying that deputies were responding to a baby in distress and were stopped at a railroad crossing, waiting for a train to pass.

Video shows several vehicles stopped in front of a moving train and, as the last carriage passes, one of the deputies accelerates across the tracks.

What the deputy didn’t notice was that another train was coming from the opposite direction.

Footage shows the opposing train plowing into the deputy’s vehicle, flipping it onto its roof.

According to Fox News, the deputy survived and was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Other crews responded to the distressed infant, who according to the report was also taken to the hospital.

An investigation has been launched into the crash.

Retiring Deputy Caught Dancing in Elevator

According to an earlier Epoch Times report, Deputy Tony Scherb of El Paso, Colorado, was caught on camera celebrating his last day on the job before retiring by busting dance moves.

Scherb had worked at the sheriff’s office for 29 years. On his last day before retirement, he came to the office wearing a bright orange shirt and what appeared to be a plan to go out with a bang.

At one point, Scherb entered the building’s elevator and took out his phone. With a single glance at the newly installed CCTV camera positioned above the door, he put on some music and slid the phone into his shirt pocket. As the door shut and the elevator began moving, the deputy began dancing to Silento’s “Whip/Nae Nae.”

Scherb danced alone in the elevator until the car stopped at a floor, and female officer Deputy Reed of Rural Enforcement Outreach entered.

The retiring officer continued dancing and gestured Reed to join in the fun.

(YouTube Screenshot | EPC Sheriff’s Office)

After hesitating for a moment, Reed joined in.

(YouTube Screenshot | EPC Sheriff’s Office)

Then a senior officer steps into the elevator and seems to put a damper on the party, which resumes when a third deputy joins in and the trio keeps dancing.

The fun seems to come to an end when into the elevator comes Sheriff Elder, who breaks the tension by doing the signature “whip” to the beat, inviting everyone to keep on with their dancing journey up and down the building.

Sometime later, the footage from this elevator shenanigan was posted on YouTube with the explanation in the beginning that the station had installed the camera to diagnose their ongoing elevator malfunctions.

The video almost immediately went viral garnering more than 12 million views to date. It was later revealed that nobody could bear Scherb’s last day to be marked with just a staid, formal ceremony.

Instead, they came up with something that would let the world see another side of a normally formal and authoritative service.

Epoch Times reporter Michael Wing contributed to this article.

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